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Welcome to Debt Managers (Services) Ltd

We have upgraded our customer portal to introduce many additional improvements to help you manage your account. As well as new features which will make it easier to manage your account, we are enhancing the security of the website. The design of has also changed.

All customers will be asked to create a new login using a secure password that you choose and is known only to you. For additional security, you will also be asked to verify your login information using email or SMS. You will no longer need to input your account reference number or existing password.

As well as managing your account online and making payments, you can:

  • access a new budgeting tool that will allow you to complete budget assessments quickly and see when you will become debt free
  • use the latest, highly secure open banking technology to reduce the time it takes to complete budget assessments
  • propose your own repayment plan based on your budget assessment
  • manage any other accounts you have with us from the same place
  • update your details and raise any queries and questions to get a quick response
  • see instant balance and transaction updates